Caring and storing for your bags. It is important to give your bag a quick sweep with a soft dry cloth every other day to preserve its appearance. To clean, remove dirt build-up by wiping your bag with a cleaner specially made for the type of leather. It is very important to know what your bag is made of.

When not in use, stash your bag into its protective felt cover (dust bag) and stuff it with butter paper to maintain its shape. If your bag came with a box, store it in lying flat with packets of silica gel to prevent moisture.

Remember to take your bags out a few times a month to prevent the growth of mold. Just like your shoes, try to rotate the use of your bags and alternate at least every month.




Caring for your shoes. To prolong the life of your shoes and to keep them in good shape it is essential that they are cleaned a few times a month. Apart from the advantage of having a shinier and seemingly new shoes, cleaning and shining helps to repel dust and dirt and offer some protection from water penetration.

  1. Use a shoehorn to allow easy application of shoes and to helps to avoid damaging the backs of the shoes. Insert a wooden shoe tree in to the shoes when not in use. The shoe tree helps absorb moisture and helps maintain the shoe’s shape. Never attempt to do a shoe care if your shoes are wet. If this happens, put your shoes on its side allowing moisture to evaporate quickly. Never try to force dry a wet shoe, just leave them to dry in a room temperature.
  2. Remember to clean and polish your shoes regularly, a few times a month. First remove all dust and dirt using a hard brush paying particular attention on the feather edge where the sole joins the upper.
  3. Nourish the leather by applying a right amount of shoe cream using a soft brush or cotton cloth, massaging it in slowly in circles. Don’t worry about the amount of cream that you apply on, the leather will only take what it needs. The shoe cream is the most important product because it hydrates the leather and makes it supple and flex. Work around the crease to re-wax the thread that holds the sole to the shoe.Pay particular attention to cover all the upper and to any areas where the shoe flexes because this is where the leather is most stressed. When buying shoe creams, if you like the color of your shoes always choose a shade of cream that is slightly lighter. However, if you want to enrich the color of your shoes choose a shade that is slightly darker.
  4. Leave the shoes for about 15 minutes to allow the cream to surely penetrate in the leather, then remove excess cream with a brush or cotton cloth. After this process you should already see the patina or gloss If you are happy with the result at this stage you could start to wear your shoes straight away. However, if you want your shoe to look more polished and elegant then you can apply a shoe wax.
  5. Shine your shoes by applying shoe wax lightly in small circles using a smooth cotton cloth. Remember not to apply too much wax as we only want to massage it into the leather. It is also important not to apply excessive wax to the areas where the shoe flexes. When the wax hardens and when the shoe flexes again the wax will break away. Do not worry when the wax on the surface cloud, just take a dab of water and drop that on to the surface. This brings theparaffin in the wax to the surface and develop the shine. If you want a much shinier shoe just repeat the process.
  6. Leave the shoes again for at least 15 minutes before giving a final shine with a soft brush or cotton cloth.
  7. Remember, never wear the same pare of shoes in consecutive days. Allow the shoes to recover from the stresses the day before.